Common Questions

Common Questions

I’ve never talked to anyone. I’m used to handling things on my own. Aren’t people who go to therapy weak?

Not at all. People who ask for help know when they need it and have the courage to reach out. Everyone needs help now and then.

Why go to counseling?

A mental health professional can help you approach your situation in a new way – teach you new skills, gain different perspectives, listen to you without judgment and help you listen to yourself. Furthermore, counseling is completely confidential.

Why shouldn’t I just take medication?

Medication can be effective and it can’t solve all issues. It treats the symptoms and is sometimes needed in conjunction with therapy. Our work together is designed to explore the root of the issue, dig deep into your behavior and teach strategies that can help you accomplish your personal and/or relational goals.

How long will it take?

The length of time therapy takes to help you accomplish your goals depends on several things: your desire for personal development, your commitment, and the factors that are driving you to seek therapy in the first place.