Affordable Counseling

Affordable Counseling

Graduate Level Internship Program

Mosaic Integrative Counseling is pleased to offer counseling services at a reduced fee through Graduate Level Interns. Graduate students participating in the Internship Program are committed to providing relationally-oriented, and client-centered, trauma treatment. Mosaic Integrative Counseling Interns receive ongoing training and supervision during their year-long placement. Interns provide counseling services at $20/55-minute session; they are unable to bill insurance. If you’re interested in working with a Mosaic Integrative Counseling Intern, please complete the Contact form and indicate your interest there.


Beverly Burrell – Graduate Level Intern

I understand that counseling can seem scary and intimidating. This is a courageous step in the right direction! Too often, the stresses and traumas of life prevent us from stepping into who we really want to be. I enjoy working with adults and teens (15+) who find themselves in a place where they’re struggling. It’s very important to me that we create a safe-enough and non-judgmental place for you to grow and flourish within our sessions. Your story matters, and I am committed to journeying with you as we explore it together.

It’s very normal to go through phases of life where you might struggle with issues related to depression, anxiety, life adjustments, and relationship difficulties, and all you need is a little help to work through some of the daily struggles. Or there may have been harder circumstances, and you recognize that you’re a survivor of physical, sexual, emotional, or religious abuse, and you want to find peace and a path forward again. Wherever you are in your journey, you are not alone!

I am a third-year counseling student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and as such would be happy to incorporate a faith perspective into our sessions if requested. However, I understand that many people come from a place of being non-religious, of a different faith, have come out of situations involving high-control religious groups, or have been deeply hurt by religion in general. My therapeutic approach begins from a client-centered, trauma-informed perspective, which addresses the unique needs of each person. Please know that I have respect for you and your journey and will gladly meet you wherever you are!

When I’m not in the therapy room, I enjoy reading, gardening, baking, and podcasting. I also enjoy spending time in the mountains with my husband and three pre-teen/teenaged kids.