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I’m glad you’re here. It takes a lot of courage to begin and/or continue moving towards health. Resmaa Menakem says, “In today’s America, we tend to think of healing as something binary: either we’re broken or we’re healed from that brokenness. But that’s not how healing operates, and its almost never how human growth works. More often, healing and growth take place on a continuum, with innumerable points between utter brokenness and total health.” I agree with Resmaa and I’m here to support you wherever you are on the healing continuum.

You are a person of profound dignity, made in God’s image. If you choose to begin treatment with me, please know I’ll work to honor your ‘imago dei’ by providing collaborative treatment that is respectful of ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and religious faith. I’ll work to help you cultivate a greater window of affective tolerance so you have more calm internally. We’ll work to rewire your neurological processing so you have greater brain integration. We’ll evaluate the strategies you have developed to deal with pain, terror, and sorrow. And, I’ll help you experiment with new ways of being in relationships and in the world.

If this sounds good to you, let’s get started!

About Michelle Martin Hurlbert

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in North Carolina (LCMHCS S9059) and earned a master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2009.

“I have consulted to Michelle on many of her clients who have suffered severe trauma from their childhoods and clients who have experienced traumatic single events. She has consistently brought them along in their therapy to feel safe and in control of their lives. Michelle is an expert at helping people deal with their past and current traumatic experiences in a systematic and supportive way. I highly recommend her as a therapist for anyone who wants to be treated by a person who understands what they have gone through and knows how to develop a plan to help them meet their goals.”
– Nancy Lasater, LCSW, EMDR Consultant